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Why You Need Vitamin C in your Skincare Routine

Why You Need Vitamin C in your Skincare Routine

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is able to protect the skin’s health overall, means of protection of damaging free radicals due to UV exposure. 


 Now what are free radicals and how does it affect the skin so harmfully

Well, this is when the molecules in the skin are so reactive causing damage to cell proteins causing ageing of the skin. As this happens it becomes more and more visible to the eye. Using this powerful antioxidant can internally boot the protection of ageing to the skin. This antioxidant is also the ability to aid in the skin regeneration process and help the body repair any damaged skin cells.  Not only does this vitamin offers these aspects but also increases the production of melanin to the skin to prominent radiant and glowing skin. When this boot happens can further then lighten and help with hyperpigmentation as well with the evening out of the skin. All these factors work to strengthen the health and beauty of the skins’ appearance to the max. 

How Effective is Vitamin C 

This is best applied and most effective when in serum form as many dermatologists recommend as in most cases are more beneficial than creams and toners in the market.  Known as ascorbic acid in simple terms, vitamin c is one of the most stable and effective skincare regiments to the growth of skincare health. To combat and have the best results of the usage of this product is to apply in the mornings to begin your day feeling refreshed and skin feeling protected with vitamin C to protect it against UV exposure. Not only can you apply this to the skin but even add this to the diet by either taking this essential vitamin or incorporating more foods with high contents of vitamin C. This will achieve the glowing skin that we all wish we have.  To achieve the prime effective point of this vitamin would be the level of 10-20 percent the “sweet spot”. Going over can cause irritation and going under will not be show results in minimal time. With the higher percentage, this gives most grantees of effectiveness rates in this product. 

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