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Beauficent™ - LED Full Spectrum Photofacial Mask

Beauficent™ Is Changing The Beauty World One Face At A time! Unmask Radiant Skin In Only 90 Seconds!

  • The world's first smart mask treatment
  • Puts the power of LED light therapy in your hands
  • Uses Hyper-Infusion Technology & Transdermal Pulsations
  • Each treatment gives maximum effect & soothing facial massage
  • Includes LED light therapy treatments to offer three photofacials
  • Made of medical grade silicone
  • Safe & effective for all skin types
  • USB-rechargeable & 100% waterproof

Experience the Beauty of Innovation & Transform Your Complexion 

Beauficent™ is a breakthrough smart mask treatment that covers all your skincare needs. It combines advanced dermal technologies with exclusive Korean mask formulas for a deluxe facial treatment in seconds!

Reap the Benefits of Hyper-Infusion Technology

For a few moments every day, Beauficent™ puts technology on the palm of your hand! A technology that delivers stunning results while providing an indulgent experience for the senses. Beauficent’s Hyper-Infusion Technology and Acoustic Transdermal Pulsations use your skin’s natural reactions to heat and cold to ensure you get the most out of every mask treatment. 

WARMING: Gentle heat relaxes, soothes & revitalizes your mind & body. As  Beauficent™ slowly warms in Thermo-Therapy mode, it infuses active mask ingredients into your skin, making them more effective in less time

COOLING: The Cryo-Therapy mode is an easy way to reduce the appearance of pores & minimize puffiness. No need to put Beauficent™ in the freezer - with a touch of a button, it instantly cools to refresh & rejuvenate your skin.

Enjoy a Full-Spectrum Facial Treatment!

Beauficent™ gives you the power of LED light therapy, with 3 targeted photofacials in one at-home simple solution. Enjoy a painlessUV-free phototherapy treatment as red, green & blue LED light wavelengths invigorate your skin. 

Blue LED kills acne-causing bacteria & stimulates blood circulation for a healthier-looking complexion. Green LED brightens a dull complexion & evens skin tone for an instant boost of radiance. Red LED erases signs of aging & stimulates collagen production for younger looking skin.


  • Material: acrylic/ medical grade silicone
  • Shipping Weight: 10.4 ounces
  • Power Source: 1 Lithium Polymer Battery (included)

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