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Ultra Spotless Skin Brightening Oil

Ready for younger, healthier, blemish-free skin? Enjoy the benefits of multi-herbal essences and botanicals in an easy to use natural oil, guaranteed to leave your skin glowing! 

Ultra Skin Brightening Spotless Oil is filled with natural plant extracts and is hypoallergenic and non pore clogging which will:

- Visibly remove dark spots & hyper-pigmentation
- Transform dull discoloured skin
- Remove the accumulation of dead skin cells
- Boost skin regeneration
- Even and brighten to reveal natural skin tone
The oil corrects and clears skin pigmentation and discoloration such as:
- Dark Spots
- Age Spots
- Liver Spots
- Rosacea
- Acne-related brown spots
- Hyper-pigmentation
Main Ingredients: Multi-herbal Essences and Botanicals, Glycerin
Net Weight: 10ml
1. Wash and dry face and body before application
2. Massage a generous amount of oil in a circular motion on to skin 1-2 times daily until the oil is fully absorbed
Package Includes:
1X Ultra Skin Brightening Spotless Oil

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