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Inspirational Positivity Mantra Bracelet - Gold

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Wear your favorite mantra on your wrist with our luxurious range of inspirational bracelets.

Our mantra bracelets are minimalist jewelry, yet highly elegant and beautiful for day to day wear. Each unique bracelet is made from stainless steel with a gold polish; finished with a positive uplifting message.

Wear them to promote a feeling of well-being, mindfulness and positivity. Use them as your daily reminders to stay positive. Or simply use them as affirmations or inspiration to keep moving forward with what you love and to be yourself.

Choose from our wide variety of mantras today. Each bracelet is made with love and care; and shipped out within 2-3 business days. Due to the limited nature of our bracelets some will take up to 10-13 days to arrive. 

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