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Bombshell Steam Hair Mask

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We all know how easy it is to damage our precious hair. Our Hair Mask rejuvenates damaged hair using thermal steam technology. The mask heats up automatically when massaging the solution into your hair allowing the product to thoroughly soak into your scalp.

It helps restore scalp vitality and quickly rebuild hair structure, elasticity, and your hairs resilience. Meaning your hair will look reborn and healthy!

  • NOT Sold In Stores
  • Penetrates Deep into Scalp
  • Salon Treatment at Home
  • Repairs Damaged Hair


  • After shampooing, gently wipe down excess water on your hair.
  • Place the mask on your head and secure it.
  • Gently massage product into scalp, creating a steam effect inside the mask.
  • Wait 15-30 min for nutrients to fully absorb
  • Take mask off and rinse!

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